if you BUILD it...

 “In a world ravaged by sin, restoration and renovation are ongoing projects.”

- Dr. David Jeremiah

There is ongoing restoration and renovation that needs to be done throughout our lives. 

By looking at what Nehemiah did in building the physical wall, we can see what we need to do to continually BUILD our spiritual lives.


Neh 3

Relationship with God is primary and of the utmost importance. But our relationship with other people is very important as well. Our society has become very isolated from each other. In chapter 3 of Nehemiah we see over and over again how the relationship between where the people were mattered. They were next to each other so that they could watch out for each other. In the same way, as we build our spiritual lives, we need to have those who are on the same path around us. The company we keep matters.


Neh 4:6

There is really only one personal requirement when it comes to building your spiritual life. ALL YOUR HEART. God wants all of us. He doesn’t just want a little or half or most. He wants us to come to Him with all our heart. Nehemiah and the people were successful up to this point because they were using ALL their heart. Don’t let other things compete with God for your heart. If you want to continually build your spiritual life, you will give him all of it.   


Neh 4:7-23

When you start building your spiritual life, there is going to be opposition. How we respond matters. Nehemiah gives us a blueprint on how to respond to the opposition that we know is coming.

A.  Focus on God: Don’t focus on the opposition. Focus on the God who has already defeated our enemy and allow Him to lead you through whatever is opposing you.

B.  Fix: Do something different.

C.  Fight: For those around you. Stop spending all of your time trying to figure out why you are going through what you are going through and instead, look around and see who you can help. 


Neh 5

We are representatives of Christ. Let’s act like it. If we want to be people who show others how good God is, it has to be represented by the way we live our lives.

-The way we conduct our affairs. 

-The way we handle opposition.

-The way we use the resources God gives us. 

If we are living our lives the same way the world lives, we are not representing Jesus. Be someone who represents Christ to others not by a bunch of fancy words that come out of my mouth but by the way you love. By the way you live. If you want to build your spiritual life, you have to have REPRESENT Jesus in all you do.

Some of our spiritual lives are in extreme disarray. For some the walls are pretty sad. For some they are non-existent. For others they might be in pretty decent shape. What you have to know is that our spiritual lives will never be done being built. No matter where you think you are, there is some building that needs to be done. Today, let’s be those who BUILD.

-Pastor Dale