In Acts 6 we see that the church, the body of Christ, has been growing at a very rapid rate. So much so that there were some needs that were not being met. The Bible says in Acts 6:3-4 that they were to pick some people to serve that had four specific qualities. As we look at these qualities it is important that we examine ourselves so that we can BE A SERVANT.


“from among you”

Those that were called to serve at this time were integrated into the body of Christ. This is not just about attending a church service every once in awhile. This was about being connected. This was about being known by those in leadership. This was about being known by their peers. Integrated was not just about attending Sunday morning and Wednesday night church. They were a part of the body. People knew them both at church and at home. They were connected and they were full of integrity. To BE A SERVANT we have to be integrated into the Body of Christ.  


Known to be full of the Spirit

Some people think that being filled with the spirit is all about speaking in tongues or raising people from the dead or casting out demons. That is not what it is all about. This is about having an intimate personal relationship with Jesus and allowing the Holy Spirit to live in you and to guide you and teach you. This is about being a person intimately connected to God. It is about the spirit at work in you and it is changing you and it is transforming you and it is causing you to look more and more like Jesus. Being infilled with the Spirit is about the change that is continually taking place in your heart and in your life. To BE A SERVANT, we have to be infilled with the Spirit.

3. INFORMED by wisdom, not information

Known to be Full of Wisdom

This is not about information. This is not about knowing the whole bible by heart. This is about wisdom. Wisdom is about a constant state of learning the ways of God and walking in them. And tripping and falling while doing it and getting up and learning and continuing. Wisdom is about the substance of who you are. To BE A SERVANT, we have to have wisdom.


We will turn this responsibility over to them.

In Control means that you can handle responsibility. 

Here is why:

There is no small job in the kingdom of heaven. 

There is nothing that is unimportant. 

There is nothing that is just busy work. 

Whatever God has for you to do, it is super important. 

Because God has it for you to do. 

If we are waiting for some big thing that God is going to ask us to do, we will be waiting for a long time. God almost always starts with a small thing to see if we will be responsible with that. If you are faithful with little, you will be given more. If we want to BE A SERVANT, we have to be IN CONTROL and be able to handle the responsibility given to us no matter how big or small.

Serving God is the most amazing privilege in the world. The fact that the creator of the universe uses us even though we are probably going to mess things up is mind boggling. Additionally, we are like Jesus when we take the attitude of a servant and serve, because that is what He did.

That is why we should all BE A SERVANT.