The Father's Business: LOVE

If we are going to be those who are about our Father's business then the first thing that we need to do is to LOVE. Love God and love each other. To do that we have to stay connected to the Father and be recipients of His love at all times. When we do that it is much easier for His love to flow through us rather than trying to muster up love on our own power. As we stay connected to Him and receive the love that He so freely gives, we can then give out love. Four things to remember as you love one another:

1. Listen: Listen to what people are saying. Take the time to hear them and to understand them.

2. Overlook: Overlook petty faults and things that don't really matter. Instead of figuring out everyone's mistakes, overlook them and look for the positives.

3. Value: Value means to regard or highly esteem. What that means for us is to consider others better than ourselves.

4. Express: Express love in practical ways. Use the first three points to find ways to practically express love to others.

As He has loved us, so we should LOVE one another!